Spring Is Icumen In…

Although my friends and family to the north received snow this week, we did not. Rain and the unseasonable warmth we’ve experienced all winter continues, and lead the spirit’s need for color and blooms and scents and birdsong to dreams of spring…every so often I find myself turning to images that remind me of what’s coming, and it seems a good day for sharing a few of these images in hopes they brighten your spirits, too. May the sweet rains wash away gloom and loosen ties to anything that doesn’t serve our healing and wholeness…



10 thoughts on “Spring Is Icumen In…

  1. Catherine…Is that a main road or is that your driveway??? If it is your driveway, wow!
    Loved the pictures. I am a bird freak. I am so ready for spring to explode…Enjoy and thanks..VK

  2. Just beautiful.

    There’s one thing that natives of warm climates, like Florida, tend not to understand / know / appreciate: those first few moments of spring when there’s that extra buzzing energy in the air, that certain sense that something is happening, and the cycle that includes winter and autumn has turned toward the part that brings life back. I love these!!

    You made me feel like I was on the path looking into the nest of newborn babie rabbits, with the songs of birds up above, the green hue all around me.

    Down here, since it’s always basically some version of summer, no one appreciates spring or its images.

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