Each dusk has its music

Each dusk has its music;

Summer has symphonies.

Bird calls settle, diminish. Sonata ends

as the song of crickets rises, sparking

the rise of fireflies,

seeking mates upon the flashing earth.

(A sideshow! Sweet ballet of lust and creation:

seeker and sought,

rose-scented pilgrimage,

light and sound and smell commingling…)

And then spring peepers, the third movement chorus—

a sound through the heart

to the deeper heart.

Wind whispers, caressing trees, gentling leaves:

hushed dream percussion.

Then all flow together: bird, cricket, peeper, breeze…

Light meets light and music recedes—

earth’s lullaby to her lonely

children, a nightly offering.

Take your seat; the show is free…

Add your song of

stillness and gratitude

(Crickets and Spring Peepers together: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWFjhEYXbbU&feature=related )

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