14 thoughts on “Sun Salutation

  1. What a sweet baby!!! I have two couples hanging out here, devouring the grass seed the builders put down as they left…I just love mourning doves. So polite and sweet….Great pictures….VK Happy solstice!!!

  2. That last photo takes my breath away Catherine!
    I have a pair here that sit on the roof in the morning and in the evening and I love to watch them and listen to them. I’ve even been blessed with a few egg shells on different occasions.
    Many Happy Returns of the Sun to You and Yours this
    Blessed Solstice Day! 🙂

    In Lak’ ech…

    • Thank you, Akasa: yes, they exude such gentleness and openness.I wanted to post a lot more photos, but I thought I’d keep his mourning dove yoga simple and in the pattern that emerged from his movements…of course, I arranged them to suggest a symmetry. His own choices were much more fluid and free… I think he was hoping his female partner would be impressed! I certainly was.

      In Lak’ ech, my sister. Joy…

  3. I get frustrated when I need to modify yoga poses to fit my abilities. Your dove shows me it’s all about intention and mindfulness, not how you do the positions. Thank you!

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