It comes for everyone, doesn’t it?
The inevitable end of all this, the flower petals
falling, the leaves falling, the day falling into night.
Here’s what I’ll remember, though:
Sitting in the garden on your last morning,
holding your hand, breathing,
watching the butterfly’s wing-tattered
body-battered flight
through the holy colored brilliance to the pinkest bloom,
where it came to perfect stillness
and drank deeply of life
as though it would last forever.
And in that moment
everything I’d ever loved in you came clear—
this was the theme of your life, your constant song:
Choose joy, take it in, share its light.
And as it rose again, and your spirit, too,
illumined within and without,
you (I know it was) brushed against the poppy’s ghost
and I saw
I saw the tiny seeds
I should have expected this:
you always left me gifted
and blessed.




8 thoughts on “

  1. This is utterly beautiful, and so very moving, I was spellbound and haunted too, reading it……a beautiful legacy to your darling boy who can never be forgotten, love like that can only ever live on eternally in your heart. Stunning pictures too, how they echoed your poem.Love and hugs…..xxxxxx

    • Love and hugs to you, too, Dina…I was remembering a former patient I visited every week over many months. She was in a nursing home, but had her own apartment and, whenever I visited, we strolled though the garden there, as she was able, and then back to her own plant-filled rooms…she’d had a very long and interesting life, and so stories were always shared, too.

      Many times, she’d give me a little potted plant to bring home and care for, and I still have one (and several subsequent generations) I especially love that came from a stem of a Hawaiian flowering succulent my friend clipped and pocketed before she flew home after a vacation…I’m sure she broke all kinds of laws doing this, but that it survived and is blooming in many pots on my deck as I write this, amazes me. 🙂

      • Ahhhhh….what a beautiful poem for what sounds like such a sweet lady, and isn’t it lovely to have such a living reminder of her, so glad the plant still blooms.
        I too shall print this poem out and have it somewhere where I can read it, it does act as a fitting tribute to Clancy Bear too…..you do have such a gift with words!xxx

        • Thanks, dear one; hope you are well and having sweet adventures! Clancy Bear is missed deeply, but I sense his spirit is happy…he sent me a bluejay feather last week. 🙂

  2. I agree with the words above. I too am haunted.
    . . and drank deeply of life, as though it would last forever. . .
    Kitty, what a beautiful line – that’s the moment of “seeing” everything [I] ever loved in [you] come into clarity…. Just beautiful. Wish I could frame this poem and have it where I could see it every morning.

  3. a very beautiful song of parting. I was moved by the way your words spoke for many who have lost someone dear… sure that many readers joined you in their hearts… knowing the feelings that came between the lines as we contemplated on what you were saying.

  4. Thank you, Shimon; poetry–others’ and my own–has always been an important part of my healing. I’m so thankful if my words touched your heart, too. Gentle peace, my friend.

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