Fare Well

almost may 017

We’re welcoming a new spring this fine, warm day, and it seems a fitting time to say goodbye from Full Moon Cottage. I’ve enjoyed writing this blog these past many years, but new pursuits are drawing my attention, gifts, and time in other directions.

The daily round continues; the pattern alters, but the dance remains sacred and the song is always love. For me, there is no other way to live but from the spirit level.

Thank you for your sweet comments and kindness in connecting with my words and photographs. Be well, and know I carry your joy in the prayers of my heart. May happy adventures and holy stillness grace your lives, and may your creativity and gifts continue to bless our dear world and call forth the gifts of others. Happy Spring!

Gentle Peace,


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12 thoughts on “Fare Well

  1. Oh Kitty…
    So sad to see you go my friend, but I am cheering you on to new adventures. I know you will squeeze the most out of whatever you undertake. Take time to fulfill your dreams beyond where they have already taken you. I shall miss seeing the tribe of four leggeds and your glorious gardens and your strolls down that magical path. All the very best to you and Phillip and the babies….Have a refreshing and colorful spring….Much love….H. ❤

    • Thanks, Hollis, and blessings on your own journey! I hope your spring is lovely, too, and that your creative energy keeps flowing. I appreciate the great kindness you have shown me during the years I’ve posted. 🙂 Smooches to your 4-leggeds.

  2. Oh….how terribly sad. I was so surprised reading this, and selfishly, want you to keep going. Your posts are always so inspiring and beautiful and I always look forward to reading them. It will be odd not hearing of all your adventures, and four-leggeds….
    I have no intention of losing touch,and shall email and hope you do too keeping me up to date. Maybe you will even write the odd post. I wish you well with your new adventures, I wonder what they are?
    You take good care of you and yours, my friend, and know that I shall remain in touch. Thank you for all your wonderful posts, how they have cheered and helped me. Lots of love. Dina xxx

    • Dina, you are such a gift, one of the best yielded by this little blog! Of course, I’ll continue to read yours faithfully, and we’ll e-mail, and I still have hopes, perhaps one day share our stories face to face! 🙂

      I may start a new blog, when the time’s right. It seems a bit out of joint right now, but I have hope. Always.

      Phillip and I are sifting and discerning, and this needs my attention. He’s on break this week, so we’ve been heading out for day-trip adventures, too. Yay!

      Gentle peace, continued adventures, and blessed creativity to you, my dear friend.

      • Ahhhh, SO good to hear we’ll still be in touch and yes, I too hope to meet one day!!! Oh….a new blog! That would be great although I love your current one. It will be good to see what you are all up too. I understand completely, sometimes you just have to do what needs to be done. I have a smart phone, do you? We could whatsapp each other pictures and texts free….just a thought. You and Philip take good care of yourselves and your furry ones. Keep me posted…..until we speak again…..all my love, and hugs to you all.xxxxxxx

        • Kind of embarrassed to say we still use flip phones, but with only the two of us, we just haven’t needed smart phones…They allow us to text, and I already have my tablet and Kindle with me…but I’ll let you know when my technology changes.

          Will keep you posted!

  3. Kitty – Now I am selfishly sad to hear this news as I only recently came upon you/your blog, and truly enjoy your thoughts, views, and creative expression both visually and from your heart. But I certainly do understand. I have so much on my own plate and places I am going – all good – that sometimes finding the time to blog can be a real challenge. Yet it still is a joy, as I know it has been for you as evidenced by your writing. I wish you all the best in all you do. I have no doubt it will bring love and joy to others. Jeanne

  4. Thank you, Jeanne…and I’ll continue to visit your lovely blog and share, too, so we won’t lose touch. I do appreciate your kindness and visits so much; you have been a blessing!

  5. Oh my dear friend, I understand but I am shedding a few tears over this. Every visit here has been a source of joy and inspiration and I often think of your words months after reading one of your posts. Your beautiful spirit shines through in everything you write and I will miss that. I hope that you leave your blog online for a bit, as I want to revisit your reflections and images again. Please keep in touch, I think of you as a friend even though we have never met face to face. Give a pups a hug and kiss from me. As Dorothy said to the Scarecrow, “I think I’ll miss you most of all.”

    • Thank you for your kindness, Lynn, as always. I benefit as much (truthfully, more, I’m sure) from your writing, gardening glory, and music, so as long as I can visit Composer in the Garden, we’ll certainly be in touch.

      I may begin another blog when/if some of the current questions we’re facing about the next stage of our lives are a bit more settled. 🙂 Living with them is taking a lot of energy.

      The pups appreciated the kiss and hug; I’m sending mine to Angel, too. Gentle peace to you, Lynn, and yes, we shall keep in touch.

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